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DON’T Talk To The Police

Most people have a reflexive urge to talk to the police. They think by doing so they can either talk themselves out of trouble or get the police on their side. On the contrary, staying quiet will offer you greater protection.

The police are not your friend and not a shoulder to cry on. Their job is to be suspicious. They question people to establish guilt. If you say anything that sounds like an admission, in all likelihood, they will prosecute you. The more you talk, the more likely you will say something wrong, and the more they will assume you have something to hide. It is not your responsibility to prove your innocence. It is the responsibility of the police to prove your guilt.

It is not illegal to refuse to speak to the police. You cannot be prosecuted for not answering police questions. It is your fundamental right NOT to talk to the police. Staying silent will greatly reduce your chances of being prosecuted.

One exception though:

When required,

you must give

your name and address

to the police officer.

If you fail to do so,

you are committing an offence..

So in a nutshell,

Be smart!

Be the safe minority!

DON'T talk to the police!

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