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Police Station or Court Room?

Criminal defence begins at the police stations, not in the courtrooms.

Criminal cases are won or lost at police stations.

What happens at the police stations is a lot more important and will influence what happens in the courtrooms.

Confessions made by suspects, evidence gathered by the police, decisions taken by the parties, and deals made between the police and the defence will influence the course of the cases.

Therefore, if you are arrested and taken to a police station, or required to attend a police station to be interviewed, do NOT underestimate the matter and call us immediately.

We are at your service every day and any time of the day.


- Independent legal advice is your legal RIGHT.

- Legal advice at police stations is FREE.

- You are entitled to be represented by a solicitor of your choice.

- You are not obliged to say anything to the police before you talk to us, so remain silent

until you have the chance to talk to us in private.

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