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Our fundamental duty is

      to act in the best interests of our clients

We are under an obligation to treat your interests as paramount.

Our specific objectives are:

1. Securing information

We are under an obligation to obtain as much relevant information as possible about the alleged offence from the police.

2. Advising in private

We will seek for a private room at the police station to be able to advise you in private.

3. Advising on matters arising during the period of detention

The advice given is not limited to solely an initial consultation. You are entitled to continuous legal advice whilst you are in police custody, especially when other matters arise on which you may want or need legal advice.

4. Presence at police interviews

Police interviews are crucial and play a significant role in your defence. We will therefore make ourselves available throughout the interviews.

5. Acting ethically

We are under a professional duty:

- to keep our clients' affairs confidential, which means that we cannot pass on information about you and the matters we discuss in private to the police unless you authorised us to do so, and

- to pass on to you all material and relevant information in relation to your case regardless of the source of that information, and

- not to compromise ourselves in relation to our clients.

So, if you are arrested and taken to a police station or required to attend to a police station,

please do not underestimate the matter and

call us immediately on

07920 133113.


We are at your service every day and at any time of the day.

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